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I don’t have any DECENT members of my Family  left alive,only Communist Commissar Margita Peter Aunt,and Communist Secret Police Informer Anna Juskova, Widow  after my  brother  Tibor.I am not sure about whereabouts of my Niece  Matilda Makelova , and Her condition …

So there was  NOBODY to DISOWN  me    Great (?)  Frank  …

My Father  Andrej was poisoned probably by His own Son Tibor in Slovakia , at the orders from His wife  Anna Juskova , Communist Informant – STB .

His daughter Matilda  later told me  “they even got Priest to  GIVE HIM CONFESSION ”  and I guess LAST RITES   BEFORE  EXECUTION  ,  so it was  O.K.  …

My Mother was also  MURDERED in Her  Communist Commissars Sisters  Margita Peter’s House ,in  Milltown  ,N.J.   ,  I  think  WITH  DRUG  OVERDOSE  …

Before then  She was held  HOSTAGE  for 10 years in  Her  Communist Commissars Sisters Margita Peter’s  House.

They brought Her to this Country ,because  THEY  thought ,THEY could control me thru Her… She was,had to ,leaving me  STUPID MESSAGES on  my  Telephone ,almost  every week ,for 10 years with some  interruptions,   ….  because I refused to go to see Her after I found out,realized what She was brought up here for…

It seemed to me that at the end She   realized what was going on  and wanted  TO GO HOME ,   and that’s why She was poisoned…

The reason my Father was poisoned was, I think,because She didn’t want to leave Him home alone,since He was sick  ,  SO  THEY  HAD  TO  GED  RID  OF HIM ,get him out of the way …

Brother Tibor  DRUNK and SMOKED  Himself to DEATH ,I think,from REMORSE of Executing   His own  Father.

Uncle Juraj  Makel ,from  Stara Lubovna,who supported me  WAS DRIVEN TO DEATH from High Blood Pressure and  whatever else …

So  I know what I  am dealing with   Frank  , besides  You  AMERICAN  COMMUNIST TRAITORS   !


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  4. Collins says:

    While I agree with most of what you say, there are a few items I would do in another way. But, I appreciate your talent to post a lot of my beliefs on this matter.

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