I didn’t make any announcements  WHY  and  WHAT FOR  I set up this WebSite You are just looking at … I  just put up some  Documents and Letters and that’s it …

If You read any of these letters , You could see that I had been fighting for Life and existence basically. Why and How did I get in so much trouble  ?

I came to this Country as Visitor in 1967 and after Soviet Invasion of CzechoSlovakia in 1968 ,when I was actually preparing to go back,I decided to   Stay as  Refugee…

Partially because I was Homesick and partially,because my Country was in so much trouble I got involved in Slovak Community around  St.John Nepomucene Church ,66 St. , N.Y.C.  and 38 Years ago  became President of Slovak Organization called Slovak-American Cultural Center for 2 years and practically run it for  more than a decade.

I wanted to do real work  and tried to  use and enjoy freedom in what I thought was Free Country  U.S.A. Soon I became target of attacks by what we called Agents of  Communist Czecho-Slovakia planted in  Slovak Community.I succesfully fought them off for number of years ,but in middle of  80’s their attacks became relentless and I decided to leave Slovak Life and fight Communist Agents instead , for I thought I just had  band of Agents on my back,I didn’t know they were so rooted in  American Society,local and State Government and even in Federal Government , F.B.I.  etc.                                                                               It was just when  Perestroika was at   Full Steam in  Soviet Union ,whole Eastern  Bloc was collapsing.  I couldn’t understand what was going on …                                                                  Only later I realized ,that I stepped into  Hornets Nest  and  exposed  Full Fledged Communist Conspiracy to take over  U.S.                                                                                        I was harrassed by everybody,Local Police , F.B.I. in Newark thru me out at the point of a gun for seeking help , I was  GASSED OUT from Apartment in Elizabeth , NOBODY  answered my Letters seeking help …

And that’s situation I  was in ,and still am , that is described in those letters.I will be publishing more of them , as my financial situation permits and  HOPE to write memoirs one day.

In the meantime I will be writing more of  POSTS like this …

Rudolf   MAKEL   ( real name )


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