About New Posts

This Blog is with New Host and will stay.

I haven’t been posting new stuff ,because of financial and health problems.

Also original WebMaster  doesn’t want to do any more work for me.He doesn’t like my Politics,and I insulted him by calling him Communist Saboteur,which He is.

But ,I will have some new materials scanned at Staples on Flashcard and then upload it on this Blog.  I just have to learn how to do it.

Also I had been spending a lot of time on  RUDOLF MAKEL FACEBOOk .Communicating with Slovaks in Slovakia, I come from.Slovakia is  New Democracy and became Independent 20 years ago.But Slovaks didn’t learn how to LIVE in Democracy yet , and Old Governing Class,Communists are missing priveleged life they had under Communism,so they are misleading people and causing trouble.

Most of my entries are in Slovak ,but I guess you could have them translated by Google.Check my  NOTES  ,some of them are in English.

If you just  type   rudolfmakel into Google you will find some beautiful Slovak and International Music  on  my  U-Tube Channel entries.

Rudolf MAKEL    ,  (makelrudolf@yahoo.com)

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