,German-American Culture Events

I am also maintaining WebSite  ””  , to post German Culture Events…

It bears   name ,because Gisela Lewis is presenting  German Culture Entertainment for  German Society ,German Clubs.

I actually created it for her hoping She would take it over and maintain it.I had been going to those shows,since I am of German origin from Slovakia , and liked it and  tried to help to promote it…

Gisela is from Germany ,doing good work ,but doesn’t understand that  promotion is as important,or more important than performance.

She refused to contribute , I had to pay for it myself,and have to pay  for it myself , and have to maintain myself.

It will stay on as long as this Blog is on ,it’s part of  Multisite Hosting by my  New Host ,I don’t have to pay for it extra ,  BUT COULD USE HELP MAINTAINING IT ,POSTING…

Rudolf Makel

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