Open Letter to Clear Channel Owned WOR 710 AM New York…

WOR 710 AM  was one of the last  Independent Radio Stations in NYC and probably in US also…Unfortunately Mr.Buckley died and His children didn’t want to bother working so they sold this Great Station to what I call  “Hill-Billys” from  Clear Channel…

I guess as soon as they took ever,One Day Before Christmas,they gave many employees Christmas Gift and  FIRED THEM and cancelled many  Good and Useful Programs…

I BELIEVE most useful program was and still is  Dr.Ronald Hoffmans  “HEALTH TALK” !

It’s still  being Broadcast Live on Saturdays   12-2  PM ,BUT weekly Show is only available thru Streaming and  Podcast.

It is a DISCRIMINATION against  Senior and  Low Income  Citizens who don’t have,can’t afford or don’t know how to Operate Computers.It’s inconvenience even for us who have some Computers,because we have to sit by computer  or be in the Room where Computer is….I will have to buy  FM Transmitter so I can  listen to it in other Rooms,when I can afford it from my  SS Benefits

I have given question to  Clear Channel  “Hill Billys” many times  WHY THEY TOOK DR.HOFFMAN’S HEALTH TALK OFF THE AIR during week…   It can’t be money,that it didn’t pay for itself in Advertising,because 22 Minutes of One Hour program was devoted to Advertising and is Broadcast on many Stations all over the Country…

Are there Political Reasons for taking Health Talk  Off The Air during week ? So Senior Metropolitan New York Area Residents don’t get  Medical-Life Style advice from Dr.Ronald Hoffman.

I can’t come up with any  Logical Reason why  Health Talk is not being Broadcast during week in New York Metropolitan Area ,probably most densely populated are in U.S.,with so many Senior Citizens who really need and use Dr.Hoffmans help.                                              I had been listening to other Health Shows on WOR and elsewhere and it’s GRANDMAS who call most for advice for themselves,for their husbands,for their daughters,for their grandchildren  and they are the ones who hold purses,they are  SHOPPERS !                   DOES IT MAKE ANY SENSE TO CUT THEM OFF  IDIOTS-HILL-BILLYS  AT  CLEAR CHANNEL OWNED WOR 710 ?….

Canadian CKLW AM 800 covers most of the area in the evening and Health Talk is at 10:00 PM  Eastern Time,but not to many people know about it.Yet there is no excuse to take Health Talk OFF THE AIR in New York.

I appeal to all New York  Metropolitan Area Residents to start Petition to take away  Broadcast License away from Clear Channel ang give it to some Responsible Company,perhaps  Group of Doctors…

This WebSite could Start Campaign,provide Information.ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE PUBLISHED !

Rudolf MAKEL


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2 Responses to Open Letter to Clear Channel Owned WOR 710 AM New York…

  1. Arnold Witlin says:

    Dr. Hoffman’s radio show “Health Talk” is probably the most valuable public service oriented gift that any media can offer. Unlike most other health oriented programs, it doesn’t lean towards being an informercial. Hoffman accepts all questions re medical problems and gives real answers that are genuinely helpful. His inclusion of guest doctors who are world famous reknowned authorities in their fields to share their opinions is unique to “Health Talk”. Clear Channel is making a big mistake by removing this show from public radio all week.

    Approved and welcomed by Rudolf Makel

  2. Rudolf MAKEL says:

    Complaint Number for WOR is : 212 642 4538
    Other Numbers are : 212 642 4500 ,212 377 7900

    Get on the phone NINKOMPUFFS ,they took away your Health Talk…

    Rudolf Makel

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