Baine Capital thru it’s  CLEAR CHANNEL  FRONT has been buying Radio Stations all over the Country and turning them to their CASH COWS and  PROPAGANDA MACHINES, that don’t really serve American People  ,just make money ,SPILL HOT AIR …

Lately they bought New York’s  WOR  710 AM and they are DISMEMBERING IT.

It was good station ,that made money,but also served community with political and useful programs.They are cancelling them and replacing with Political Trash .

Last week they cancelled ,in my opinion,most useful program Dr.Ronald Hoffman’s  HEALTH TALK ,during week.

It’s time to stop it , IT’S TIME TO RENEW FREEDOM OF SPEECH  ,It’ s time to return Air Waves to American People , who they belong to ,they don’t belong to International Money Hungry Corporations.

We Citizens,even Groups of Citizens don’t have enough money to buy them out  ,   BUT   Groups of Citizens could organize  PETITION DRIVES to  REVOKE or  NOT RENEW their Broadcast Licenses ,  If they don’t serve  Communities they  Broadcast from  !

LET’S RETURN  AIR WAVES to it’s owners  American People  !


Rudolf MAKEL

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