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This Blog is with New Host and will stay. I haven’t been posting new stuff ,because of financial and health problems. Also original WebMaster  doesn’t want to do any more work for me.He doesn’t like my Politics,and I insulted him … Continue reading

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Mr.Capt calls Abrahamic Covenant an  “outline” of the identity of God’s people.Altough deemed an “outline” by it’s author,each page is filled with vital information,providing an important study guide-line for interested Bible students. The foundation of the book rests in God’s … Continue reading

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OPEN LETTER TO SAHS -Scandinavian American Heritage Society ,

Comrade Joe ZARNITZ , President SAHS 23 White Birch Rd.,Morristown ,N.J. 07960 ,973-267 2052 ,   Dear Comrade-Tovarisc ZARNITZ I made a number of requests to You  about WHO authorized You to take me off  SAHS Mail List  and THROW … Continue reading

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Comment on Letter to Governor Whitman

When my ordeal started in early 90’s and I was  GASSED OUT from Apartment in Elizabeth,and I lived in Motels we had Democratic Governor, and I new Democrats are Communists , so I didn’t expect anything from them. I welcomed … Continue reading

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I didn’t make any announcements  WHY  and  WHAT FOR  I set up this WebSite You are just looking at … I  just put up some  Documents and Letters and that’s it … If You read any of these letters , … Continue reading

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Reply to Frank from Queens Continued

I don’t have any DECENT members of my Family  left alive,only Communist Commissar Margita Peter Aunt,and Communist Secret Police Informer Anna Juskova, Widow  after my  brother  Tibor.I am not sure about whereabouts of my Niece  Matilda Makelova , and Her … Continue reading

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is the History of Bolshevism from Beginning to End. Available on Internet. Read what Communism really is … it’s not  Social Experiment,it’s not Fun,It’s  TYRANNY ! Rudolf

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THE NEW NARRATIVE,Jimmy is right about Communism in America…

Look at above Website about what Communist Traitors are doing to America,You will also find my comments there… Also look at ” Bob Grant and Jimmy from Brooklyn  <CYBER COSSACK> ”   . Americans please wake up,educate yourselves,realize what is happening … Continue reading

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Reply to Great Frank ,alias Frank from Queens,Host of Right Prospective,WWCR 3215,Fri 10-11 PM

Dear Cryptobolshevik : You really exposed Yourself now… The reason I stopped calling Your show was because I was really sick and calling Your Show didn’t do me any good.I couldn’t waste any more money,I actually paid You for all … Continue reading

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Letter to West Orange

Letter West Orange

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