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This Blog is with New Host and will stay.

I haven’t been posting new stuff ,because of financial and health problems.

Also original WebMaster  doesn’t want to do any more work for me.He doesn’t like my Politics,and I insulted him by calling him Communist Saboteur,which He is.

But ,I will have some new materials scanned at Staples on Flashcard and then upload it on this Blog.  I just have to learn how to do it.

Also I had been spending a lot of time on  RUDOLF MAKEL FACEBOOk .Communicating with Slovaks in Slovakia, I come from.Slovakia is  New Democracy and became Independent 20 years ago.But Slovaks didn’t learn how to LIVE in Democracy yet , and Old Governing Class,Communists are missing priveleged life they had under Communism,so they are misleading people and causing trouble.

Most of my entries are in Slovak ,but I guess you could have them translated by Google.Check my  NOTES  ,some of them are in English.

If you just  type   rudolfmakel into Google you will find some beautiful Slovak and International Music  on  my  U-Tube Channel entries.

Rudolf MAKEL    ,  (makelrudolf@yahoo.com)

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Mr.Capt calls Abrahamic Covenant an  “outline” of the identity of God’s people.Altough deemed an “outline” by it’s author,each page is filled with vital information,providing an important study guide-line for interested Bible students.

The foundation of the book rests in God’s unconditional Covenant with Abraham and traces his descendants through the formation of the tribes of Israel.It continues with Biblical,archeological and historical information relating to their captivities and migrations to their “appointed land” in Europe,and later in America.

Abrahamic Covenant has been called the “little blue book” that has openned the eyes of thousands of Christians to their Israelite heritage.That one single discovery has changed the way they now wiew all Bible doctrine and prophecy !

Almighty God said:                                                                                                                               …And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant,to be a God unto thee,and to thy seed after thee.”

Available from:                                                                                                                                      ARTISAN PUBLISHERS  ,918-682 8341 , wwwartisanpublishers.com

Rudolf MAKEL

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OPEN LETTER TO SAHS -Scandinavian American Heritage Society ,sahsnj.org

Comrade Joe ZARNITZ , President SAHS

23 White Birch Rd.,Morristown ,N.J. 07960 ,973-267 2052 ,joe6z@optionline.net


Dear Comrade-Tovarisc ZARNITZ

I made a number of requests to You  about WHO authorized You to take me off  SAHS Mail List  and THROW AWAY my Membership Contribution  Check  despite the fact ,that I was member of SAHS for almost decade …                                                                                    I became member after appeal by  Mrs.Baker at Midsummer Night Fest in  Mahwah ,N.J.

Who made the decision to EXCOMUNICATE me from SAHS.Was it Committee of SAHS or what I call  YOUR COMMUNIST COMMISSAR , respective Communist Terrorist Commissar ?                                                                                                                                          It happenned in the year I was trying to help You with Advertising in Community where I live,NorthWest New Jersey , where there are a lot of Scandinavians living.                           Is it  CRIMINAL ,NOT ALLOWED BY COMMUNIST SHADOW GOVERNMENT  to Advertise  Ethnic Activities in Rogue Communist State of New Jersey ?                       Besides taking me  OFF MAIL LIST  You had me distribute Lawn Signs without Address of Vasa Park or  Telephone Information Number ,that was waste of time …                              I know that  KASKE FAMILY are Finnish Comunists ,that is O.K. as long as they respect Constitution of  United States and  it’s Laws …

Under WHO’s authority You  Traitors at  SAHS  live ?  Is it  Chinese or Cuban Governments rather than  Laws of  United States  and/or  New  Jersey  ?                            Are You part of or take orders from Shadow Communist Government of New Jersey ?

I am waiting for Your answer Comrade-Tovarisc Zarnith or from Your Communist Commissar !

Rudolf MAKEL

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Comment on Letter to Governor Whitman

When my ordeal started in early 90’s and I was  GASSED OUT from Apartment in Elizabeth,and I lived in Motels we had Democratic Governor, and I new Democrats are Communists , so I didn’t expect anything from them.

I welcomed election of  Christie Whitman , so called Republican, as Governor and tried to contact her right away with request for help.I sent her package of Materials by Certified Mail and of course didn’t get any answer or acknowledgement…So I sent similar package to Congressman Hon Bob Dornan  ,who was the only one who answered me,and asked him to forward it to Governor Whitman.He replied ,that He gave package to  N.J. Congressman from around Paterson District,Republican. I didn’t get any answer either.

I was quite desperate so I started to Mail about 3 copies per week of that Letter by Regular Mail to Governor Whitman for about  half a year ,about 175 copies altogether…

As an answer  “THE BITCH”  send State Police Detective after me , if I meant any  HARM TO GOVERNOR , without any mention of my  Request for Help. Detective was civil and understanding,but advised me that my letter was  UNREAL ,that I should tone it down.

Do You expect me to Respect Government of New Jersey,It’s Laws and Any U.S. Politicians ?

Rudolf Makel



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I didn’t make any announcements  WHY  and  WHAT FOR  I set up this WebSite You are just looking at … I  just put up some  Documents and Letters and that’s it …

If You read any of these letters , You could see that I had been fighting for Life and existence basically. Why and How did I get in so much trouble  ?

I came to this Country as Visitor in 1967 and after Soviet Invasion of CzechoSlovakia in 1968 ,when I was actually preparing to go back,I decided to   Stay as  Refugee…

Partially because I was Homesick and partially,because my Country was in so much trouble I got involved in Slovak Community around  St.John Nepomucene Church ,66 St. , N.Y.C.  and 38 Years ago  became President of Slovak Organization called Slovak-American Cultural Center for 2 years and practically run it for  more than a decade.

I wanted to do real work  and tried to  use and enjoy freedom in what I thought was Free Country  U.S.A. Soon I became target of attacks by what we called Agents of  Communist Czecho-Slovakia planted in  Slovak Community.I succesfully fought them off for number of years ,but in middle of  80’s their attacks became relentless and I decided to leave Slovak Life and fight Communist Agents instead , for I thought I just had  band of Agents on my back,I didn’t know they were so rooted in  American Society,local and State Government and even in Federal Government , F.B.I.  etc.                                                                               It was just when  Perestroika was at   Full Steam in  Soviet Union ,whole Eastern  Bloc was collapsing.  I couldn’t understand what was going on …                                                                  Only later I realized ,that I stepped into  Hornets Nest  and  exposed  Full Fledged Communist Conspiracy to take over  U.S.                                                                                        I was harrassed by everybody,Local Police , F.B.I. in Newark thru me out at the point of a gun for seeking help , I was  GASSED OUT from Apartment in Elizabeth , NOBODY  answered my Letters seeking help …

And that’s situation I  was in ,and still am , that is described in those letters.I will be publishing more of them , as my financial situation permits and  HOPE to write memoirs one day.

In the meantime I will be writing more of  POSTS like this …

Rudolf   MAKEL   ( real name )


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Reply to Frank from Queens Continued

I don’t have any DECENT members of my Family  left alive,only Communist Commissar Margita Peter Aunt,and Communist Secret Police Informer Anna Juskova, Widow  after my  brother  Tibor.I am not sure about whereabouts of my Niece  Matilda Makelova , and Her condition …

So there was  NOBODY to DISOWN  me    Great (?)  Frank  …

My Father  Andrej was poisoned probably by His own Son Tibor in Slovakia , at the orders from His wife  Anna Juskova , Communist Informant – STB .

His daughter Matilda  later told me  “they even got Priest to  GIVE HIM CONFESSION ”  and I guess LAST RITES   BEFORE  EXECUTION  ,  so it was  O.K.  …

My Mother was also  MURDERED in Her  Communist Commissars Sisters  Margita Peter’s House ,in  Milltown  ,N.J.   ,  I  think  WITH  DRUG  OVERDOSE  …

Before then  She was held  HOSTAGE  for 10 years in  Her  Communist Commissars Sisters Margita Peter’s  House.

They brought Her to this Country ,because  THEY  thought ,THEY could control me thru Her… She was,had to ,leaving me  STUPID MESSAGES on  my  Telephone ,almost  every week ,for 10 years with some  interruptions,   ….  because I refused to go to see Her after I found out,realized what She was brought up here for…

It seemed to me that at the end She   realized what was going on  and wanted  TO GO HOME ,   and that’s why She was poisoned…

The reason my Father was poisoned was, I think,because She didn’t want to leave Him home alone,since He was sick  ,  SO  THEY  HAD  TO  GED  RID  OF HIM ,get him out of the way …

Brother Tibor  DRUNK and SMOKED  Himself to DEATH ,I think,from REMORSE of Executing   His own  Father.

Uncle Juraj  Makel ,from  Stara Lubovna,who supported me  WAS DRIVEN TO DEATH from High Blood Pressure and  whatever else …

So  I know what I  am dealing with   Frank  , besides  You  AMERICAN  COMMUNIST TRAITORS   !


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is the History of Bolshevism from Beginning to End.

Available on Internet.

Read what Communism really is … it’s not  Social Experiment,it’s not Fun,It’s  TYRANNY !


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THE NEW NARRATIVE,Jimmy is right about Communism in America…

Look at above Website about what Communist Traitors are doing to America,You will also find my comments there…

Also look at ” Bob Grant and Jimmy from Brooklyn  <CYBER COSSACK> ”   .

Americans please wake up,educate yourselves,realize what is happening to Your Country…

Where will You go  ?  …

I come from Slovakia,I have place to go to ,  YOU DON’T  !!!!!

Rudolf   ( real name)

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Reply to Great Frank ,alias Frank from Queens,Host of Right Prospective,WWCR 3215,Fri 10-11 PM

Dear Cryptobolshevik :

You really exposed Yourself now…

The reason I stopped calling Your show was because I was really sick and calling Your Show didn’t do me any good.I couldn’t waste any more money,I actually paid You for all of my Ads-Pleas for Help.

I also found out You are Crook and CryptoBolshevik.You asked for my letters so You could publish them on Your WebSite,but You actually probably sold them to Your Czech Bolshevik Sponsors.

I naive actually sent You $200 for it…You didn’t publish them and didn’t return money.

Another reason,main reason,I gave up on You is that You keep attacking Talk Show Host Michael Savage ,who is only one telling truth about Communists like You…You keep complaining,that He is filling His  15 Hour per week Show from Your 1 Hour of Bullshit…Is He writing His books from Your ideas too…?…

Where did You meet my Boshevik Commissar Margita Peter Aunt ? At  Communist Mob Traitors Meetings ? Is She Your Boss ?How did You get to know Her ?

She is Stupid just like my BOOT.She doesn’t even speak English.That’s the kind of Boss-Commissar You Communist Traitors have ?

I AM WHO I AM  , I don’t need Your approval  !

Without  Regards,                Rudolf  MAKEL

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Letter to West Orange

Letter West Orange

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